Who is Steven Maguire?

Steve Maguire has written a myriad of articles about boxing covering every era of the sport since its inception. Maguire has compiled hundreds of All Time Top-Ten lists, and in his first book, Boxing’s Top Tens, he features the All Time Top-Ten Title Fights, Southpaws, Chins, Upsets, Trilogies, Punchers, Controversies, Fighters Who Never Won a Title, Fights Which Never Took Place, and lastly, the Top-Ten Fighters of All Time. Historically accurate, Boxing’s Top Tens has already been endorsed by World Boxing Judge, Duane Ford, who also resides as the Instructor for the Association of Boxing Commissions. Maguire has put forth an exceptionally entertaining book, which keeps the reader enthused about each ranking and looking forward with great anticipation to the next list. Maguire lives in Reno, Nevada.